Ultimate Technology

The ultimate technology for dosing caps in oral/vaginal medical devices and food supplements.

Problem? Solved.

Now all the problems concerning limited volume and stability of active ingredients in biphasic systems have the right solution.

More applications

RewCap™ is also available for multidose
applications thanks to its specific dropper.

How does it work?

The patented RewCap™ allows to combine a solid phase to the traditional liquid in a revolutionary and handy way.
Now it is possible to manufacture highly innovative products provided with any kind of solid phase to mix up to the liquid with particular reference to microorganisms.



This capsule represents a breakthrough in the field of capsules containing active ingredients to be mixed in a solvent when used; in fact, it is equipped with a completely innovative system, allowing effective protection against moisture of the active substances contained.
The novelty and originality of this capsule has also been recognized by the completely positive research report, issued by the European Patent during procedures for the international patent protection.

Italian Patent Pending No. MO1014A000140
Worldwide Patent Pending No.PCT/IB2015/052052


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